does your child need a doctor right now?

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does your child need a doctor right now?

Having three kids under the age of six is quite exciting. We never have a dull moment in our house and often have injuries and illnesses that need to be tended to by a doctor. I have learned a lot over the past six years about when a child needs to be seen by a doctor immediately and when certain things can wait until their regular pediatrician is available. I created this blog to help other parents learn about the injuries and illnesses that their children may experience when a doctor isn't available to take a child to whenever these things happen.


What To Do If You Think You Have Flu Symptoms

Flu season is at its height right now, and thousands of people have become severely ill from this condition. Even healthy people can be potentially made very sick by the flu. If you think that you're developing flu symptoms, quickly read this guide to find out what you should do to prevent it from becoming dangerous for you. Know That Time Is of the Essence When it comes to treating the flu, time is definitely of the essence. Read More 

Your First Vitamin Infusion: 4 Tips For A Good Experience

Vitamin and mineral infusions are becoming more and more popular. They are a good option for getting plenty of nutrition into your bloodstream in a short period of time. Basically, you will show up to a clinic, lie down on a comfortable bed similar to a hospital bed, and wait for about 30 minutes while the vitamins and minerals are dripped into your arm via an IV. The process is simple, but there are still a few tips you should follow your first time around. Read More 

Finding A Direct Primary Care Physician, And Other Healthcare Tips

Health and well-being go hand in hand since your entire quality of life will suffer if you aren't paying impeccable attention to your medical care. In addition to finding the best direct primary care physician, you should put together a healthcare strategy that you can implement now, and also for the rest of your life as you age. If you follow the points below you will be able to have some direction about how your medical care is handled. Read More 

Trendy Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin and Look Years Younger

Anyone who wants to look younger is going to end up investigating the different ways to improve your facial appearance. There are lots of cosmetic procedures out there and many of them advertise that they are the ones that will restore youth. However, it's a good idea to investigate the different procedures so that you don't go into it without understanding what is happening. There are a variety of different procedures that you can look into. Read More 

Five Back Pain Treatments You Can Try When Your Back Is Killing You

There is at least a dozen things you can do to help back pain feel better. Of course, you want the treatments that are going to provide the most immediate and most comforting results. To get that kind of help with back pain, try the five following options. OTC Nerve Stimulators ‚ÄčMaybe you have seen the advertisements for this kind of product, or maybe you have seen it on pharmacy shelves. Read More