does your child need a doctor right now?

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does your child need a doctor right now?

Having three kids under the age of six is quite exciting. We never have a dull moment in our house and often have injuries and illnesses that need to be tended to by a doctor. I have learned a lot over the past six years about when a child needs to be seen by a doctor immediately and when certain things can wait until their regular pediatrician is available. I created this blog to help other parents learn about the injuries and illnesses that their children may experience when a doctor isn't available to take a child to whenever these things happen.


Pediatric Urgent Care Interventions For Severe Earache

Earaches in children are common and symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe pain and even hearing loss. Before a treatment plan can be implemented, the cause of your child's severe earache needs to be identified. Here are some pediatric urgent care interventions that you can expect if you bring your child to a children's urgent care center for their earache. Oral Medical History And Examination The pediatric urgent care professional will take an oral medical history from you regarding your child's condition. Read More 

Hydrodermabrasion Facial Treatments - Major Benefits For The Skin

If you're looking for healthier skin, you have a lot of facial treatment options today. One of the best is hydrodermabrasion, which uses both oxygen and water to exfoliate the skin. Here are some benefits it can have for your skin. Suitable For All Skin Types There are some facial treatments that only work well for particular skin types. That's not the case for hydrodermabrasion facial treatments, fortunately. Whether you have normal or really sensitive skin, this treatment option can provide great results. Read More 

Pros And Cons Of Ketamine For Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is difficult to live and deal with. There are numerous treatments available, ranging from therapy to medications. However, no single treatment works perfectly for every person. Most patients have to go through a bit of a trial-and-error period in which they try various medications and approaches to see what works best. So, what if you've tried several conventional medications for anxiety with few results? Then you may want to try ketamine, a newer anxiety treatment that tends to work well when other anxiety treatments have failed. Read More 

Three Potential Reasons That You May Be Excessively Gassy

It's fairly normal to pass gas between 10 and 20 times each day, but you may find that you're exceeding this number by a considerable margin. While various things that you eat may cause you to be a little gassier from time to time, you might feel concerned if you find that you're almost always gassier than you think you should be. Even if you feel a little embarrassed about this subject matter, it's worth bringing to the attention of your family doctor. Read More 

When It’s Time To Schedule An Eye Exam

If you are a person that wears corrective lenses, a yearly eye exam will ensure that your vision is optimized. When you have any problems with your vision, you should schedule an eye exam as soon as you can to rule out any significant eye disease. Injuries to the eyes should always get medical care, as any eye injuries can become serious if they are not handled early on. When you don't remember when your last eye exam was, or you aren't able to see as well as you used to, it's time to make an appointment for an eye exam to get the care you deserve. Read More